Tell Me Lies

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Most of the time people complain that their professional life comes between their personal lives but that does not mean that eats your family up. Psychological thrillers like this surely make us see the dark side of the society. People go through terrible things because of the circumstances they find themselves in or put in by others. J.P. Pomare in this sole book of his presents an ordinary psychologist named Margot Scott. She solves the issues related to other people and tries to provide them much needed psychological support too.

Margot does not carry the worries, tensions and anxieties of her patients home because she is not like her patients. She has been blessed with a pleasant life with no tensions that her patients usually carry. A loving husband, two children and a warm cozy corner in life in the form of her house is ample for her in life. She never ever expected that one day tragedy will come to her doorstep in the form of a patient.

Her patients most of the time lie to her and she knows it all too well. The good psychologist is never worried about their lies or cheating behavior as all she needs is a professional satisfaction nothing else. One patient’s lies went far more than she ever expected and that cost her whole family life that she loved.

Psychotic herself she just goes near the patient and slams her in front of a fast moving train. Everything was intentional but now this time she starts telling lies in a successful way.  Detailed scenes and prolonged dialogues are narrated by Aimee Horne in a sweet voice that the narrator possesses. Not much haste of any kind and it is a cool and calm job by Aimee.

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