Tell Me to Run

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Reality about Nicholas has finally come to light and all his appearance was actually a big lie, he was in reality playing with everyone around. The man proves to be exactly the same as the girl who is pretending to be his wife but the problem is that the girl has left all of that for his love. Charlotte Byrd was bringing doubts to the surface in the previous part Tell Me to Stay now those doubts have come true in a hideous way.

Nicholas gets lucky still as he does not get a cold shoulder from the girl he hired for a year. Not only she fulfills her part of the deal but also saves Nicholas from a deadly fate. Things become normal for both of them after that and finally get a chance to live their life to its true potential. All of it proves temporary for the girl who always had doubts about her past and family.

She is not backing down this time and she wants to know the truth about herself too. Only man that can help her now is the one who hired her in Tell Me to Stop and he cannot say no to her as it will give him a chance to be with her. There is more to the story than the audience hoped and Erin Lin along with Russell Newton charge it even more through narration.

Past of Nicholas has been brought to light by the author and it’s time to tell everything about the lady specially the truth about her family. All the info that she possessed about her family before this was a lie and truth perhaps would appear bitter for her.

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