Tell Me to Stay

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Addictive love makes us remember the previous series of Charlotte Byrd that was also narrated by Jennie K and Russell Newton.  Lavish Lies and Lavish Betrayal were the finest books of that series; this one harps on the same string with some uniqueness of its own. Lady here in the story is not an innocent girl who has come to the den of the millionaire known as Nicholas Crawford. Once she was a criminal and wanted by the police, thus a thief by nature is in an ideal place but the man who owns all of this has stolen her heart.

Even if she tries she cannot lie to him and cheating him is not part of the plan anymore. Things go messy in this third part as this time the book is on revelation of secrets. Nicholas and the girl who is pretending as his lady for a year are hiding secrets from each other and from the society too. From the girl’s side it is just her feelings now that she is trying to hide from Nicholas but the millionaire boy has some deep hidden secrets. Nicholas does not share these secretes with anyone, now as a true lover the girl is on to the search of truth.

Her life is also connected to the matter because now she is fully aware that she was hired for a special purpose and she wants to know why she was picked. Time is running out and things are going out of hands for both of them and perhaps it’s the right time that they should open their self to the other.

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