Tell Me to Stop

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Charlotte Byrd again starts the story with a debt and a bet, a girl is in need of money and there is only one man who could provide her enough to live her life easily. Nicholas Crawford one of the richest of the town made a deal with the woman who usually steals and cheats others for the sake of money. The deal is simple she had to pretend to be his partner for a year and she will get 1,000,000 dollar on the last day. Not a tough task because she does not have to sleep with him for the whole year because it is part of the deal.

But Nicholas promises at the start of the bargain that in the end she would beg for one thing that she is not ready do at the start. She does not know anything about the man at the start and then he starts disclosing his charming and appealing personality. He possesses the type of personality a girl cannot resist especially the one who is staying with him 24/7.

Brittany A with the narrative skills describes the feelings of a lady who is attracted towards this dashing man with whom she has made a bargain. She tries to resist the temptation but thinks that the man will win his bet in the end. Series works on the style of Lavish Lies and Lavish Betrayal, only this time the lady is lying about her feelings.

Her heart is burning with passion of love but admitting it would prove her weak. When she entered the deal it was just money that she wanted and now she thinks that she wants something more.

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