Temple of the Winds

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Temple of the Winds is a highly rated novel from the author, Terry Goodkind. This particular book is 4th chapter of the popular Sword of Truth novel series. It is based on fantasy science fiction and will amaze you with an excellent plot and an even better effort in its characterization. Dick Hill has done the honors in giving the effortless narration of this book in his signature tone.

The epic series first begun with the Wizard’s First Rule and this particular chapter returns listeners back again to the unimaginable world of Richard Cypher. It is a simple woods guide, who had never imagined that he would end up with the title of Seeker of Truth and could eventually get caught up in the powers of magic, dangers and war of an extraordinary scale. The mentioned things and concerns are so devastating that they even have the potential to completely alter the fate of the entire world and the world could even hang or work with all his decisions and actions.

Jagang, the power-mad emperor along with his demonic underlings comes up with a very deadly plague. Richard Cypher along with his beloved ally, Kahlan Amnell looked to find the legendary Temple of the Winds, which is a fortress of evil that got completely sealed some 3000 years ago. This was needed in order to find the cure for all this happening to world.

Soul of the Fire and Faith of the Fallen novels are also from Terry Goodkind. They are highly rated just as the subject novel and gives you a further deep insight into the masterful abilities and top literary skills of the writer.

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