Ten Big Ones

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Life at the departmental store was tough for Stephanie because of which she turned into a bounty hunter but this job has not been easy as well. First, there were two or three enemies that were after her head but after To the Nines there is a whole gang who wants to erase her from the face of the world. Janet Evanovich starts this novel with Stephanie looking into matters which she should have left alone.

She is investigating a gang that has its roots well spread in society, Morelli for the first time warns her severely against the situation. The beginning of the case looks simple so she turns a deaf ear on the advice later however she thinks that she should have listened to the advice of an experienced person. Ranger is also not present by her side in this episode and she thinks she needs his help if she wants to get out of the situation fast.

When she fails to establish any kind of contact with Ranger she decides to hide in one of Ranger’s hideouts. The place looks safe to her as it is away from the evil eye of the enemy. Here in Ranger’s hideout, she finds things that she has never known about Ranger in Hard Eight. As the enemy gets closer she thinks that she has to decide that whether she would run away or plan to fight this big battle alone. None of the friends are by her side apparently but there is hope that help will reach her in time before the finale and she will survive like always at the end of the novel.

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    To the Nines

    Eleven on Top


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