Tesla’s Attic

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The series starts with a bang when we suddenly come to know that Nick is hit with a toaster when he opens the attic of his new home after the burning down of his family’s old home. Nick starts his life in the Victorian house by selling the old pieces of scrap in the yard sale, but as he befriends one or two children of the area all of them come to know that the attic is not an ordinary one as it hosts Tesla’s inventions and creations that he put their for a purpose.

After knowing the secret about the attic Nick and his friends hunt the town to collect whatever they sold in the garage sale as all of those pieces that they thought useless were the inventions of Tesla that had secrets hidden within them. Also the team should secure the devices from a group of physicists that want the attic and its secrets for the achievement of their own devilish desires.

Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman have created this whole thing is a serious way and that’s why there are less comic situations in the novel but the story is a compact one and there are no loose ends left for later compilation. The story also shows a bit resemblance with the novels like Scythe and Thunderhead that work on the same sort of themes but the characters are quite different and also the development of a fourteen year old as a savior of the world is quite dramatic as well.

The story does not possess any rise and fall in action and the family sentiments also don’t function all the way along the story which makes it more objective and less subjective in approach. The narration is out of this world as Vikas Adam has used his full talent and skill in the narration department.




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