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After many parts the series goes beyond the Kindle Country, still the people and the case is connected to the court of the area but the investigation takes place in Bosnia. During the war several incidents happen and most of the time the army or the forces linked to it gives the people a shut up call to bury the matter forever.

Same happened with a Roma refugee camp in Bosnia that disappeared in one night and after that there was no trace of anyone. No one living near the camp ever knew what happened to those four hundred people. Every one could smell a sin but none had the evidence to prove his or her point. Ferko Rincic after hiding all these years now comes to the court with the case because he is one of those present in the camp.

The story that the man narrates is really horrifying and can result in imprisonment of many high officials too. Bill ten Boom having spent years with the criminal court has no fun left in life because he has lost everything including his wife even. Thus the man takes the case to retrieve his reputation at least. Here at this point Scott Turow becomes a little predictable because the author has a habit of using worn out people as heroes in his novels, Innocent and Identical had such characters who had nothing to prove.

Bill starts the investigation in Bosnia and he knows that he had to find those links that gave the order of the burial of four hundred people in an avalanche. Wayne Pyle uses tough tone while narrating law enforcers and politicians to show the crunch in investigation.

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