Texas Ranger

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Rory Yates a man with a really good personality started his job in his old town as a patrolman and then he marched on in his profession fabulously. One problem which he faced in his life was an issue with his wife that resulted in the separation of the two. Instead of wasting their time the two made themselves busy in their personal goals of life thus things went well later. During his career, Yates never tried to establish any contact with his ex-wife who started acting as the school teacher in the local town.

Many years have passed now and Yates returns to his hometown as the Texas Ranger. Over the years he has gained much honor and power because of the cases that he has solved. On arrival in the home town, Yates is informed about a terrible murder nearby. Listening to this disastrous news the Ranger runs towards the spot and finds the dead body of his ex-wife. He wasn’t expecting to see all of this; moreover, he was accused of a murder he never committed.

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Anne his ex-wife had no such connections with the underworld that might lead to her murder thus there could be a possibility that a conspiracy is going on against the ranger. Yates starts the investigations on his own to get back the honor that he had earned over the years. It is an interesting story no doubt and a rare gift for those who liked The Coast-to-Coast Murders and The Summer House by James Patterson.

Christopher Ryan Grant as the narrator of the first part of the series has participated fully in all respect. The interest of the narrator can be observed by the boasting energy that he brings with his voice.

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