The 1619 Project

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The 1619 Project is a book about the history of America. It is written by Nikole Hannah-Jones and had contributions from The New York Times Magazine and a few other editors. Ghost of Greenwood is another book by Nikole Hannah-Jones which is again about a topic on the history of America. Living Apart is another good title from Nikole Hannah-Jones from the same category of books as the other two discussed here.

Nikole Hannah-Jones led the narration of this book along with the full cast. The performance went pretty smoothly and you will like it.

It was the time of late August in 1619 when a ship found its way to Virginia, which was a British colony then. It had about 20 to 30 enslaved people coming from Africa. Their arrival led all of them to the barbaric slavery system of America which lasted for the next 2.5 centuries. This incident or the slavery system is also sometimes referred to as the original sin of the country. But it is a lot more than that alone. It is more about being a source of so much that defines the modern-day USA as well.

The book went to the number one spot of bestsellers in the New York Times. It is a book about the dramatic expansion of the revolutionary work of journalism. It will provide listeners with an excellent vision of the past and present life of America and the Americans. The 1619 Project was also named as the best book of the year by NPR, The Washington Post, and Marie Claire. It will come with a few painful facts but in every way, it is worth reading.

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