The 18th Abduction

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Local teachers come under a threat as three of them disappear at once with no sign of any witness. Lindsay Boxer is on the disappearance case at once but the case soon becomes a murder case as the dead bodies of these three female teachers are found rather quickly. Lindsay is under a lot of pressure as the teachers were from the same school and thus the whole institute was feeling the terror. The school authorities and the parents of the children along with the local bodies look active than ever and all of them pressurize the local police so much that Lindsay fails to rest for a single moment.

She even goes to an old friend Cindy Thomas who was an investigative journalist of the town, Lindsay wants from her details related to such crimes in the past along with the missing links of the story.

Meanwhile the writer James Patterson and Maxine Paetro have added some extra help for the Women’s Murder Club in the novel as Joe, Lindsay’s husband accidently meets an Eastern European woman who claims that she has seen a war criminal who should be dead according to the records. The woman could prove good evidence against the criminal but then she too disappears.

Cat and mouse chase is on for the criminal but at least we know who he is, thus it is not like 12th of Never  or The 9th Judgment. There are long police procedural scenes and action not that much January LaVoy’s narration still continues with the same passion and focus.  The classes and the school scenery is excellently depicted as well.

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