The 19th Christmas

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There is nothing like schedule or timing when it comes to solve criminal cases. However, this time it was destined in the Christmas holidays. When the detective Lindsay Boxer had a lot to cheer about in the Women’s Murder Club along with her few friends. Christmas spirit was evident all around with quietness prevailing in most of the offices including that of the city courts and the medical examiner office as well.

It was just about time when a Loman, a terrifying criminal took charge of the headlines with his deadly plans to sabotage the upcoming Christmas morning. This surprise act was planned to be accomplished with his big gang. Something huge was brewing up that probably would see a lot of bloodshed and riches looted.

The author James Patterson specializes in the Detective Fiction genre like no other. The author with his well-crafted characters beautifully portrays the filthy criminal’s mastermind and how Lindsay Boxer, the detective beautifully handles it. The credible threats just by the dawn of Christmas were horrifying and it was more so the entire month of December that got toppled with the Women’s Murder Club having their task cutout for Christmas.

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The President is Missing and Unsolved, just as the name depicts are a couple of other books on detective fiction by James Patterson. Unlike The 19th Christmas, the plot of the other two has a lot to say not just about a particular event, but pulling in several other aspects of crime as well.

The 19th Century has its moments, its ups and downs with an anticlimax. You need to read it to get the true essence of the book and to get inspired by the imagination of the author. The characters he portrayed in the book truly justified the subject genre and their liveliness for the reader as well. Member Benefit

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