The 50th Law

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Fear is the worst enemy of a man because it kills all creativity and does not allow you to take the step which is required. Curtis Jackson realized this long ago and he applied the thing quite brilliantly to his life. It was because of lack or complete absence of fear that the man succeeded in everything which he touched. Whether it was the music industry or the television screen, Jackson was a success in everything.

Everything he touched turned into gold because he had a firm belief in his abilities. This book is a joint venture which is produced with the help of Robert Greene. The two authors have narrated the book together as well. Formula 50 and From Pieces to Weight provided a lot of useful tips to us regarding the ways of success before this book.

Getting over poverty or adversity is up to you according to Curtis because it is your mind which is controlling your destiny. If you allow your mind to think in a negative way then it will bring you down to your knees. So think of yourself as the king of the world and one day you will be crowned. All of these books written by Curtis are full of motivation although the topics are a little different the purpose is the same.

The author wants the average people to realize that they too can turn into high achievers. They have to start thinking like one first of all and then start moving towards their goal at a rapid pace. Just don’t feel tired because it is the first step towards failure.

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