The 5th Wave

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One wave after another takes humanity away from humans and once the humanity is gone human beings are the easiest of prey. The apparently human have made the human race come down to its knees and even then they showed no mercy at all.

It was worse than death for some thus the stopped running away and thought of death as an easy way out. But the creatures from the dark don’t kill you like ordinary killers they have their dark designs to fulfill. For this purpose they have Cassie’s brother trapped in their cage. It could probably be bait for Cassie and she knows it.

Rick Yancey the author first provides a lone run on the highway and then adds help for the girl when she was about to give up. The feeling that develops between Cassie and Evan Walker is not the love at first sight. It was need that brought them together because they were looking for help in the world where humans only pretend that they are humans. Cassie also is not ready for a relation of any kind the only relation she is worried about is her brother.

Thus the run scenes change into a mission that we hope would get bigger in The Infinite Sea and The Last Star. Brand Espinoza and Phoebe Stole is the couple that you will find in narration, not bad at all from those who were working together for the first time. Both of the narrators have really enjoyed their work and had the least of trouble portraying the devils in the form of humans, now hunting the humans in the dark.



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