The 9th Judgment

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The team of James Patterson and Maxine Paetro join hands after a while now as we saw them last time in 4th of July. The combination was a perfect one as that part proved to be one of the most successful part of the “Women Murder Club” series. This part too starts with murders but the club or the police fail to understand the true purpose behind the crime. Whether it was a robbery that led the criminal to murder or the robbery situation was just created to mislead the authorities.

The three murders take place on the same night first one was the wife of Marcus Dowling, an actor of “A” rank. Marcus’ wife entered the house when the thief was getting the things out of the safe and in haste the killer got rid of her in no time. The two other murders take place in the garage of a house when a woman along with her infant is shot dead. This one too appears to be a robbery but there is a message this time written in blood. One thing is clear that the motive was not what it seems to be at the start. The crime gets more and more complex as the club is called on the scene for the final disposition of the crime.

The investigation continues and finally another threat appears for the whole security department, the killer wants ransom. The ransom is not for anyone whom he has abducted, it is a ransom after which he would spare the life of whole San Francisco city. Otherwise there would be more casualties each night. Carolyn McCormick narrates another fabulous tale in a fabulous way that has become a permanent part of the series up till now.


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