The Aeneid

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Virgil or Publius Vergilius Maro was a Roman poet of ancient Augustan times. He wrote three of the most famous and iconic poems of all time in Latin Literature. The Aeneid is one of them. There are plenty of other minor poems that are collected in some appendix are also associated with him.  Virgil is regarded traditionally as the greatest poets of Rome.

The Aeneid has been regarded as national epic from the ancient Rome. It got that recognition right since it was composed. The Aeneid has been somehow modeled around the Odyssey and Iliad books by Homer. It was The Aeneid and several other works by Virgil that had some great influence over the Western literature.

The Aeneid is a Greek & Roman classic. It is a book that tells about one of the greatest artistic achievements ever in Western Civilization. You will find here the Aeneas’s story and also his flight from the burning Troy, while taking with him the Greek onslaught survivors across the Mediterranean. Aeneas after many adventures and travails and a visit to the underworld to meet his father, finally ends up in Italy. He also had a love affair in between with Carthage’s Dido Queen. He also won a war against Turnus and Latins, followed by founding Rome city. He began the line of the Roman aristocracy that was intended to finish with the Caesars.

However, Aeneid soon realized that there is no way to justify violence and also that humankind should deal with the possible cost of violence.

The narration of this book is done by Charlton Griffin and for the audio book, it was a satisfactory performance.

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