The Age of Faith, Volume 4

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From 325 to 1300 AD several religious movements continued to dominate the face of the world. Will Durant comes to the fourth part of “The history of civilization” and here the author talks about religion in particular. There are three religion which the author has described i.e Christian, Islamic and Judaic. There is a nice continuation in which several historical figures from each of these sections of society have been highlighted. Will has done a lot of research because going this deep needed proper skills and tools too.

Talking about different people from different religions in a balanced way is never easy because a writer never possesses equal knowledge about everything and every person. Here Will has expertly managed this harmony which should not be left unappreciated. Some of the listeners think that the narrator Stefan Rudnicki has not done justice because the tone was the same for all the characters in the novel. It is not the right thing to say because the narrator has very skilfully pronounced every single word with accuracy thus in such a case there was no need of any variation in the tone.

The book moves on the line of The Renaissance and Caesar and Christ only the era is different. St. Augustine is there in the book along with characters like Saladin and Richard the Lionheart. All these rulers dominated their eras and they have left their mark on the world. A portion of the book is also devoted to some of the love stories of that time which became quite famous all over the world. The fifth chapter is with the most interesting age so don’t forget to get that one.

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    Caesar and Christ

    The Renaissance


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