The Age of Innocence

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Surely hard to deny a classic when you have one in your hand, no matter how you are busy you just cannot leave it untouched. The novel is about a countess but this is just the start later it becomes more about her lover. Countess Ellen Olenska failed to adjust with her husband because of which she had to separate her ways from him. Coming to New York and settling in this wonderful city was a sure breather for her. Later she started attending parties in this new city and during these gatherings, she met Archer first time in her life.

Archer at that time was engaged to May Welland who happens to be a cousin of the countess. As the two kept on meeting each other more frequently the relationship between them seemed to groom more than they expected. Archer started developing a feeling of love for Ellen which disturbed her because she never wanted to destroy his relationship with May. After Archer’s wedding, the two still had a connection between them but when Ellen heard about May’s pregnancy she left America forever.

It was the last time Archer met Ellen and years later after the death of May when Archer gets a chance to meet his one true love he just goes away to keep his promise. Edith Wharton i.e the legend who wrote The House of Mirth has just mesmerized everybody with this one. The story has the depiction of pure love with no corruption in it. Archer was given a chance to deceive May twice but he just does not commit such an act. Narrator David Horovitch has not left any open space in narration but one more voice and that of a female would have decorated the tale further.

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