The Age of Louis XIV

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The period which started in 1648 and continued till 1715 is known as the age of Louis. Will Durant wrote The Age of Reason Begins with the help of Ariel Durant and here the two have managed a splendid work once again. Their combined effort has been fruitful for sure because they have been able to put more detail in the books by working together. There is a change in the narrator for this book, Stefan Rudnicki has narrated this one.

A change in the narrator is never a big deal for books like this because people listen to it for information purposes. Pascal was there at this age to show the world his brilliance in the field of science. He invented something which was never expected previously. Molière acted as the ideal philosopher of the time whose works are remembered still. Towards the middle of the book, the two authors finally come to Louis XIV after whom the book is actually named. The man ruled France for almost seven decades and during his rule, he reframed almost everything. His rule is considered as the longest in that era and in the present world as well.

The authors have almost devoted seven chapters to the rule of this great king as there was so much to talk about. Not only there were things associated to bloodshed but there was a lot about art and craft linked to Louis’ era. It is not like Caesar and Christ, there is less talk about religion and book provides information about the materialistic world. The authors have not talked about France only, during the later chapters there is some talk about Britain and Russia.

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