The Age of Voltaire

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From here onward the audience will find something that they have heard in the present world as well. Will Durant and Ariel Durant have slowly brought the listeners forward after providing them a firm base of the past happenings? A fast forward might not have been that much useful for all of us because we have heard these events in history before but they lacked the details. Then there were history books that only talked about the monarchs and the kings of the past.

These volumes had information about the philosophers and artists of the time along with the background of the rulers. So there was always more to experience in The Renaissance and Caesar and Christ than mere history. The changes and evolution which took place in human history can be analyzed. Grover Gardner is back for the narration of this ninth part which is a good thing because a familiar voice gives a pleasant effect.

During this era, the world developed so much that people started exchanging their ideas with each other. Previously it was not possible and most of the artists were not ready for this experiment. Here, philosophers, poets, and artists started gathering and they started affecting the foreign policies as well. Finally, the world of art was able to understand its strength.

Jonathan Swift’s witty literature made people bold enough to stand against the powerful people of the world. Then there was Alexander Pope who changed the approach of the people through his poetry which was not on classical topics. There were new thoughts that provided people with new ideas to mend their lives.

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