The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

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New stories about the Discworld just keep on coming and now many think that Terry Pratchett can actually visualize this wonderland in his mind. Never before anyone has painted fantasy in so original style and the listener feels the flow which proves that the author is not knitting it rather he is telling us what he is seeing with his own eyes.

Though we know that it is fiction but our mind forgets this word the moment we finish the first page of the book. Guards! Guards! and Men at Arms had odd things in them but this one brings rats on stage and they are not just ordinary rats, they are in the form of a clan becoming a headache for the human world. The rats are everywhere and they are taking everything the humans have for their dinner tables.

Time has come that the human world looks for another messiah like the piper who could just take these rats away from the village. But this time the piper is not available and the villagers get Maurice for a savior.

Maurice is no piper he is just a cat but he possesses an extra edge i.e he can talk like the humans. Maurice makes the arrangements for getting rid of the rats but when he reaches the spot the rats are gone as if they never existed there at all. Tricky and twisty tale narrated by Stephen Briggs who himself is a master in narrating stories for children. The book is innocent in theme if it is compared with other books of the series because there is no talk of destructive weapons and war.




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