The Amulet

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The Amulet is a horror fiction novel. It is written by Michael McDowell. He was a highly capable writer of horror fiction novels whose work is still cherished all around wherever there are fans of the genre. If you want to enjoy something special in horror then Katie is a classic from Michael McDowell. On top of that Wicked Stepmother is an equally good novel from the author, which he wrote along with Dennis Schuetz and Axel Young.

The audio narration of The Amulet is done by Julia Whelan. She is a phenomenal performer and made this audiobook such a memorable experience for the listeners.

There was an accident at the rifle range which left Dean Howell completely disfigured. At that time, Sarah, his wife discovered a dreary life in Pine Cone which was a small town in Alabama. That finding made things even worse. After spending a few busy days at the assembly line, Sarah made a return back home. She had to look after her corpse-like husband while enduring her hateful and despicable mother-in-law. Her name was Jo. She used to blame the entire Pine Cone town for the mishap of her son.

When she handed over a weird piece of jewelry to a very responsible man according to her then a series of terrible death was set in motion. Sarah on the other side believed that there was a definite connection between the number of tragic deaths in the town and the amulet. But, nobody believed her theory.

The Amulet is a Southern Gothic horror story. The moment you think that the book starts to get dull, it shifts into another gear. The overall experience of the book will be magnificent.

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