The Apocalypse Exile

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The novelist Peter Meredith has got a lot to offer to his audience. Horror and post apocalypse genres are the ones where he truly excels. Same is the case with the zombie stories of the author. The Apocalypse Renegades and The Apocalypse Fugitives are two chapters out of the phenomenal The Undead World novel series. The novels are written by Peter Meredith in his signature style.

The Apocalypse Exile is the 6th chapter in The Undead World novel series. The book is a contemporary science fiction fantasy from Peter Meredith.

The passage through the zombie-filed place wouldn’t ever get easier for the renegades. The Great Plains is now the home for the large herds of the undead. These hordes stretch as far as your eyesight could go. Azael are the men who lives among them. Azael are those who have actually regressed back into the chaotic and bloody roots of the collective ancestors. This is where only the blood-thirsty or the strong ones would survive.

The far flung tribes are actually the ones that completely control the inside of the country. They use great zombie armies for the purpose and to inflict their will over the immediate neighbors. For the time being, they are well at peace with the Colorado soldiers. And, for the moment, they could only see in Renegades and in Neil, a way to make some really easy money. This could be done by escorting them across the land and at a very high price.

Basil Sands is the chosen narrator for this novel. The combination of both Peter Meredith and Basil Sands has done exceptionally well for the success of this novel and the entire series.

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    The Apocalypse Renegades

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