The Apocalypse Outcasts

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Peter Meredith is a renowned novelist with a healthy archive of top quality novels. He has written as many as 35 novels so far in different genres. Horror fiction, zombies and post apocalypse are his most tried genres and this is where he had the maximum success. The Dead Eye Hunt (A Post Apocalypse Adventure) and The Apocalypse Fugitives are great novels from the author and worth mentioning here.

The Apocalypse Outcasts is a horror fiction and the 3rd chapter from The Undead World novel series.

There are absolutely no sorts of happily ever after in the novice Undead World. There are absolutely no vacations as well or any sorts of do-overs or time-outs. There is only one thing here and that is the endless grind of living. The other thing is the shocking fact of death, which hangs over all living beings of the earth. For a few people that kind of death lies in a mistake or just a small moment of bad luck. For other people, it was the hard death that actually hounds them relentlessly all day and night.

The misfit family of Neil Martin is set upon by the bounty hunters just when it got placed on their heads. They are followed by the sadistic former soldiers and the New Eden’s warped believers. There is absolutely no safe place, no refuge and no shining city at all. They are all doomed and outcasts in order to flee far away from their enemies until they are forced to make a solid stand.

The narration of this chapter is handled by Basil Sands. All the prior experience of the narrator helped him to give a good performance.

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