The Apocalypse: The Undead World Novel 1

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Peter Meredith is a versatile and a multi-genre author of a range of novels. He has written some exception novels in a variety of domains. The most prominent genres of the author are horror fiction and post-apocalypse. There are plenty of novels in these genres to impress you and to entertain you for hours.

The Dead Eye Hunt (A Post Apocalypse Adventure) is one of his most prominent novels. Another good one from the author that is worth mentioning here is the Apocalypse Crusade Box Set, Novels 1 – 3.

The subject novel is a horror fiction. The novel is book 1 of The Undead World novel series. It begins with the depiction of world that is full of terrorism, greed and some sheer bad luck conspiracies. All these conspire in a way to get the entire humankind down to its knees. The cause behind this is a deadly viral infection that goes completely out of control. It was something that reduces all the infected ones to the undead horrors, which actually goes on to feed upon the rest.

It was a fearful time dominated by misery and deaths for the majority of people. However, there were quite a few lucky folks as well. The lucky ones were those who were either fast or just excessively tough to go down without fighting against the virus. This is all their story that you will witness in the first chapter and it builds a solid base for the future chapters to come.

Basil Sands has done the narration of this chapter and the performance was outstanding. It was his voice that make people hooked to the story right till its climax.

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