The Apocalypse War

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The author Peter Meredith has impressed a range of audience with her outstanding novels. He is known as a multi-genre novelists and has tried his pen on a wide array of novels. However, the most referred and the most prominent genres of Peter Meredith has always been horror, zombies and post-apocalypse as well. The Dead Eye Hunt (A Post Apocalypse Adventure) and The Apocalypse Fugitives audiobooks from the author are definitely something to try next.

The Apocalypse War is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel. The book is part 7 of The Undead World novel series and this continued the saga with same enthusiasm as the prior novels. Fans would get to know an altogether new world of the undead and some really exciting story.

The occupants of the Estes valley have had their peace completely ruined. They were attacked the by the one and only greatest army of the world. They had to deal with the army equipped with hi-tech military weapons and also have to fight an undead horde of a million people.

Perhaps, the worst of all for them is to deal with 7 years old girl. Her name is Jillybean she was badly coerced in the act of helping her enemies. She molded her mind into the death of kings, destruction of the valley and losing her own soul as well. Whenever Jillybean puts her own mind into something then there is absolutely no saving, ever.

The Apocalypse War is set all upon themselves and the only thing that matters mainly here is the survival.

The narration of this chapter is done by Basil Sands and he managed to make this audiobook quite enjoyable for listeners.

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