The Apostle

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Abduction of a politician’s daughter starts this drama and it surly hints towards big ending because the president is ready to do anything in order to save not only the girl but the secret that lies with it. Scot Harvath once again out of job is hired directly by the president so that he can rescue the man that is demanded as the ransom for the girl.

The man is none other than Mustafa Khan the one who was wanted all over the world because he is the Al-Qaeda’s mastermind. Throughout the series in parts like Path of the Assassin and Blowback and the rest we have seen Scot arresting the wanted people and never ever he was given the task to rescue a man who is supposed to be a threat for the world. It is thus a hard pill to swallow for the number one agent on the planet.

His mind starts racing elsewhere as all of this could be a setup by the people as well who have hired him in the first place. Thus the battle of the old warrior goes on and the drama continues to get better and better. Brad Thor has almost talked about all the conspiracies there are present in the world against the United States.

Each time we open the new chapter of this series the enemies and the heroes are the same but sensation is still at the extreme limit. Change in narrator is observed this time as Armand Schultz takes the role of the narrator and manages well. First two to three pages were hard to digest because of the association with the previous narrator but then we start digesting the voice.

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