The Archer’s Tale

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An ambush, few murders and the theft of the Holy Grail lay the foundation of this novel in a strong way. It is Easter time in England when a village is invaded by a troop that calls itself the Black- Knight. The group of these elite men takes the villagers by surprise and thus killing each and every one of them that tries to stop them from achieving their unholy task.

They steal the Holy Grail and vanish in thin air, luckily a survivor still remains that wants to avenge the death of his friends and villagers and of course getting back the Holy Grail in one piece. Bernard Cornwell has always been trying to mix the history of England with his fictional work we have seen it in books like The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman.

Here again we hear about King Edward III who was the king of England in 1343 the same era the author talks about. Thomas the survivor who wants to avenge the death of his villagers joins the army of King Edward III and soon becomes one of the most famous archers in the troop. As he goes to France on a mission given by the king he saves the life of a French lady who along with his father promises to help him find the Black Knight. Thus instead of serving the king Thomas once again starts a quest of his own that he must accomplish to matter how difficult the path is. Tim Piggott-Smith’s narration stands tall as he has done an outstanding job in narrating a rather tough and difficult story.





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