The Art of Racing in the Rain

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Not many would believe that Garth Stein selected a dog for the tale instead of a human but this dog in the story works like a human. It has love, passion and association to the dogs and humans that are present near it. The voice that Christopher Evan Welch provides it through narration also makes the creature more of a human in front of the listener. Racing in the Rain and Raven Stole the Moon were good but this has outclassed them in certain aspects like the detail and the accuracy in the depiction of feelings.

Enzo the dog in the story has a keen interest in the life and passions that human enjoy because the dog actually plans to be a human in the next life that he would get after this one. His owner takes part in car racing and thus the dog is also interested in the art of racing along with other TV shows that it watches on daily bases. It is through the eyes of a dog that we observe Denny marrying and then having his first child Zoe.

After that Denny’s wife becomes ill and only the dog can detect this issue developing in her for the rest of the people it comes as a news flash all of a sudden. Lastly it is the issue of Zoe’s custody in which the dog emerges as a hero as it helps Denny in the case. In all these circumstances the dog proves to be a part of the family perhaps the most significant part that is keeping the family together all the time no matter what the issues are.

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    Raven Stole the Moon


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