The Art of War

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Book was actually compiled by Sun Tzu, the ex-Chinese general knew about warfare more than anyone else in the world. Thirteen chapters that the book has, provide the apt knowledge about the strategies of war. Each chapter talks about a different issue related to the same topic and the one who goes through this book is bound to succeed in the war zone. With modern technology taking over and war shifting its way into politics this book became useless according to many but its wrong.

The worth of the book remains the same as it tells us how to manage things during the time of crisis and even how to deal with your subordinates. If taken in a broader spectrum rules and tricks that are taught here can be implied on business too. Whatever the field is, if there is competition in it then this book has something for everyone.

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It is a short book like The Strategy Collection and can be listened in a single sitting but it is better to listen to it one chapter at a time. Each chapter has wisdom and tricks in stock that could only be understood if proper attention is paid to it. Strategies in the book can be applied and also one listening to it can improvise in his life according to it. For narration Aidan Gillen’s selection was one of the best things to do, the narrator has experience of narrating war related material. However, here there is only talk about war but still an experience voice does matter on most occasions. In such books ending and beginning does not matter one can even listen to the chapters in a random order.

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