The Assassins of Altis

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The couple of the Mage and the Mechanic entered the dead city of Marandur in order to meet its head not only because they needed a safe shelter but also because they think that the city has something they need. Time is running out for every individual no matter to what guild he belongs but for many people unification with the other guild is something more hideous than death. Barbarians and the imperial legion are on their tail and they want to escape because after that they have to face the Great Guilds too.

It has been a trend with Jack Campbell that he takes one thread and then weaves the whole thing out of it. The series started with the meeting of the two characters in The Dragons of Dorcastle then the bond was strengthened in The Hidden Masters of Marandur and now on the shoulders of the two relies the fate of millions.

Everyone is sure that if Mari survives the attacks she will fulfill the prophecy of throwing everyone out of power. Thus this makes her a threat for all those who have been ruling for centuries and telling false tales to the new generations. In order to make people believe that she is telling the right thing Mari now goes to the place where it all started in the first place. She wants to know the reality of the Mechanics and the Mages and truth about their powers.

Narration goes up and down in the novel and although we cannot saw that MacLeod Andrews has not given hundred percent but still there is something lacking in the initial two to three chapters.

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