The Au Pair

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A suspense thriller by Emma Rous is a brilliantly woven story that doesn’t even allow us to wink for a single second just like the way it is done in the book Dangerous Bond (Jamie Bond #4) by Gemma Halliday, Jennifer Fischetto. Seraphine Mayes has a twin brother whom she loves and is perhaps the only relative she has after the death of their parents. Their mother committed suicide right after their birth as she jumped from a cliff.

Now years after the death of their mother their father also dies and the daughter mourns greatly as she goes through several of the family belongings i.e things that belonged to her mother and father. The story reaches its climax when all of a sudden Seraphine finds a family secret that tears her apart. She finds a family picture in which her mother is in a pleasant mood but the disastrous thing is that she is holding only one child instead of the twins, the picture was taken right after the birth of the two twins; her mother is in the company of her father and her young son.

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The question that arises in Seraphine mind is that who is she if she is not the twin and why her mother committed suicide after their birth and was it a suicide or a murder. She starts investigating the bitter truths related her personal and family life and the more she investigates, the more painful it becomes to digest the whole thing.

There are two narrators used for the narration of the story Elizabeth Sastre and Nicola Barber have worked in good coordination with one another, their voices match well and the amalgam of these voices make the suspense more attractive than ever for the listener. There is not much action but the suspense and the horror of the family secrets always pinch you in the heart.


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