The Bane Chronicles

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It is a full on entertainment for teens, which they would definitely love to hear on a loop. The writing of this novel is a joint affair between Maureen Johnson, Casandra Clare and Sara Rees Brennan. It is the first of the eleven chapters from The Bane Chronicles. Various artists were involved in the narration of this novel, which turned out to be quite an impressive and enjoyable thing for the audience.

This set of chronicles went on to become the best-selling set of tales in New York Times. The lovers of The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments will get a great chance in knowing Magnus Bane absolutely like never before. Here it is for the very first time with an exclusive new tale.

The collection of the 11 short tales highlights the dubious and a weird life lived by the mysterious Magnus Bane. He was on the other side known for his flamboyant style, dapper looking personality and extremely sharp wit that could create a charm on everyone around him.

The Ban Chronicles were actually originally releases as e-only stories and one by one by the set of authors mentioned above. The compilation of the chronicles presents all the 10 stories together on a CD for the very 1st time. It also includes a super engaging 11th tale for the kids, which they would find hard to forget.

In some of the tales as per the audiences, narration could have been slightly better. But overall, it was a satisfactory experience for the lovers. The tales would make you think, emote and sometimes laugh out loud as well. In short, it has everything.







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