The Bear and the Dragon

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Following orders is tough no doubt but giving orders is tougher and finally Jack Ryan has come to know about all of this. The man has not only been good, he was the perfect man when it came to following orders but it is a thing of the past now. He has to give orders now after Debt of Honor and Executive Orders because he from the post of vice president has risen to the seat of president.

The hopes are high and some are of the opinion that the man is a blessing for the nation after the catastrophe. Still decision making ion which the fate of the nation or the other nations of the world depends is serious thing.

A politician’s mind is needed not the ex-marine who thinks that fight is the only way out of every war and making allies is never an option. During his service he has been in touch with the Russian situation and knows what the enemy is capable of. Dealing with the Russian mafia or the KGB is not a new thing at all but China is something new. He has never worked in that sector and has nothing in detail about the China.

The country is on to something big, a lot bigger than the gang attacks of the Russian mafia or the killing of multiple members of the cabinet in America. Tom Clancy has put Ryan in a big political game now and we all know the capabilities of the hero but it was all related to the field stuff and no one ever witnessed the man’s table talk. Michael Prichard looks tried a little in narration and a lazy effort was never expected of him more energy is needed for sure.

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