The Bellmaker

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Brian Jacques was an English writer who was known mainly for his immensely popular Redwall series. He has written countless short stories as well and was a big name among children and even book lovers of all age groups. The Bellmaker is chapter 6 of the Redwall novel series. It is an action packed book for children with a highly captivating story. The author is brilliant in that zone of children where his books like Martin the Warrior and Mossflower were highly appreciated by fans and critics.

Brian Jacques is an all-rounder in the literary field. Besides brilliant writing of this novel, he also narrated in for the audiobook. His narration will make this audio novel your best literary experience.

Joesph is the Bellmaker who is quite troubled. It has been almost four seasons since Mariel, his warrior mouse daughter set off from Redwall along with Dandin to fight the evil. That evil was Mossflower. There was no news about them since then. Then on night, the legendary warrior, Martin comes to the Bellmaker with a weird message, but all in dream. Mariel and her companion Dandin are clearly in grave danger. Joseph along with 4 Redwallers set off to help them out. As they all push over the sea and the land, they were not aware about the possible threats in their way. The risks were those of the impossible Nagru, Foxwolf, Urgan and Silvarmord. The vicious rat hordes in there very also quite threatening.

The Bellmaker tells a great story about friendship, action, adventure, food and battles. You will be amazed and might just get hungry after witnessing the descriptions of different food items in this novel.






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