The Best of Me

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Smokescreens keep the real faces of the people hidden all the time due to which we never get a chance to see the real picture. We consider a person our friend and well-wisher but from the inside, he proves to be something different. Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole thought quite positively about their mentor when they were young but now they are forced to change their opinion. Both of them thought that it was Tuck who helped them coming close to one another in the olden days but that was not the case.

Amanda and Dawson meet each other after a span of twenty-five years at the funeral of their great mentor and finally come to know all the realities about his dark secrets. The couple thought that their separation was just because of an accident and there was no one to blame after the breakup but they were wrong.

Together with the two once again get a chance to know the new Tuck who has still left some piece of instruction for them. The only thing hindering the way this time is their belief in Tuck, after the first disaster the two perhaps don’t trust the advice of Tuck anymore. Nicholas Sparks has done it again hereafter The Longest Ride and See Me, the author has once again portrayed love in his unique way.

From the appearance, the love between the two has vanished but from the inside, it is still there stronger than ever before. Narrated by Sean Pratt the novel can be termed as a psychological one that touches the strings of mind slowly and effectively.

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    See Me

    The Longest Ride


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