The Black Book

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Chicago’s top officer Billy Harney has achieved a lot in life and slowly he is moving into the footsteps of his father who also is a big gun of the town. Billy has never broken any rule during his service and he wants to be the yard stick in the department in the years to come. Then enters Amy who challenges everything for which Billy stands for. She does not like to follow the instructions all the time; moreover she does not care about the repute of the super cop of the town i.e Billy Harney.

Soon these two apparently different characters join hands for the investigation of a strange case. The case leads them to the famous brothel of the town where a murder has been committed but everyone is worried about the Black book more than anything. That book had all the details of the people who used to come to the place which means the high gentry of the town can be easily blackmailed if someone gets hold of the book. Corruption of the so called upper class can also be brought to light.

James Patterson and David Ellis bring out the reality of the cities like Chicago. Almost everyone is corrupt and trying to exploit the weaknesses of the other, no one follows the rule though apparently they praise the rules. After The First Lady and The Chef this one is a great addition by the author. The picture of society is real and that’s why it feels so pinching to the listener. Narration is not pinching rather Edoardo Ballerini’s voice makes it easier to understand the concept.



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