The Blood Knight

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As the third book of the Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone series, The Blood Night is a bit different from the normal plot presented in other books. However, it still follows the same storyline as the first and second books. And just like the author presented the characters in The Briar King, he represented them perfectly well here as well.

The book has several twists and subplots interwoven together to form a larger tapestry. The book consists of not less than 5 subplots, as each set of characters seem to carve their distinct story in the book. However, the stories are loosely linked together to form the bulk of the grand scheme of things.

One plot stands out with more overbearing events, which is the return of Blair King. In addition, the numerous subplots and political subplots about prophecy makes the book much more interesting. The book has overall consistency when it comes to suspense. As for the narrator Patrick Michael, the characters were well represented with the right diction and voice.

If you’ve read the first two books, it will be easy to identify with the characters in this book. All the favorite characters from the previous books, Megvren, Casio, Anne Dare, and Aspar White, carried on with their respective roles.

Packed with adventure and passion, the book is centered on legendary Briar King. He is now fully awake as he spreads destruction and madness across the region. On the other hand, Anne with all her powers has to grow fast to be able to lead her charges to a great way looming ahead.  However, she still needs to defeat the mysterious assassin who has so far eluded even her most trusted defender Neil MeqVren.


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