The Blood of Olympus

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Blood of the Olympus can only bring disaster to the world of men and gods, so whoever is in need of it surely wants to make the world a living hell. Earth Mother known as Gaea in the world of gods has constructed an evil plan of her own for which she is in need of the blood of two demigods.

When Rick Riordan starts this fifth part, the author tells us about the awakening of the giants of Gaea and surely she is getting more and more powerful. When the Earth mother wants something she gets it for sure and the demigods present in the camps are now worried about their necks that could be chopped by the demons any second.

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Not only the threat of Gaea but also the terrible dreams or visions that the young demigods are having are making their lives miserable. Troubles between the two camps have come to a level now where they too can start a fight of their own which means that they would be sitting ducks for Gaea when she arrives. Different paths for everyone and in such a split condition the enemy is bound to get the upper hand.

Nick Chamian gives energy through the excellent voice quality but when it comes to the characters individuality the narration suffers at some spots. Just like The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters not the same of course but the scenery looks resembling at many parts and the characters too appear to be similar which is good actually for the old fans. The author has never tried to temper the writing style and this is the true strength of all of Rick’s works.





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