The Bone Bed

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The Bone bed is chapter 20 of the long and exciting Scarpetta novel series. It is masterfully written by Patricia Cornwell who is also the bestselling American author of crime novels. The author has produced some inspiring mystery thrillers within this series and also separately. A couple of her most promising novels are Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller.

Kate Reading is the narrator of this The Bone Bed novel. The performance was not so good and the voice almost throughout the narration seemed agitated. She might just be OK with her performance with the character of Lucy, but not otherwise. She struggled big time when performing for the male characters and that was quite frustrating.

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A woman goes missing while she was digging a bone bed of dinosaur in some remote area of Canada. The only evidence that made way in the inbox of Kay Scarpetta, who was in Boston and some 2000 miles away. She had no idea why all this happened to her. But, just as the things unfold with a dramatic speed then she started to think that the disappearance of the woman is linked with a series of killings. Scarpetta also discovered that the danger has reached to those in her closest circles even. Those include Lucy, her niece, Pete Marino, her lead investigator, and Benton Wesley, her husband and FBI forensic psychologist.

The story was not so impressive but turned out to be somewhat acceptable in the second half. It is just that you need to be patient with the first half. The performance is also another concern with this chapter, which is not impressive at all.


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