The Bone Season

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Fiction always attracts people with imagination but if it is mixed with horrors and nightmares it really becomes a treat for the fans. Samantha Shannon starts the bone season series in the same way.

The writer takes us to the year 2059 where she presents a girl who is just nineteen years old but is gifted with strange powers. No one knows how she got the powers in the first place but she is a dream walker without any doubt. Paige the young girl is hired by Jaxon Hall who uses her in order to get information out of the minds of the people.

The job goes on and on for the teenager in the criminal city of Scion London and appears to be easy for her as well. Then all of a sudden comes the dramatic twist by the writer that changes the life of Paige forever.

She is kidnapped and taken to a hidden place where she is probably drugged as well. She finds herself slave to Warden who acts as her master now as she has lost the freedom she once had. For freedom she has to unleash the thing that she hides inside her.

Thus the novel is complicated in terms of plot also the purpose of Paige in the story is not clear in this first part of the series which is perhaps intentional. Samantha has kept things unclear so that the listener can become curious about the next part. The imaginations about the future world are better as compared to The Priory of the Orange Tree thus it seems that she is approving in her expression and imagination.

The narration by Alana Kerr Collins was a bit sluggish at the start but after two to three pages the narrator too improves in quality and expression.



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