The Book of the Unnamed Midwife

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The Book of the Unnamed Midwife is an action and adventure novel. It is the first installment in Road to Nowhere novel series. The book is written by Meg Elison. She is an American feminist essayist and author. You will find most of her writing dominated by body positivity, women empowerment, and gender flexibility. The Book of Flora and Find Layla are two of her most prominent titles.

Angela Dawe is an accomplished and widely experienced voice actor. She performed brilliantly in this book and made listeners crave more such performances.

In the wake of a fever that was decimating the popularity of the earth, things were not looking good at all. The killing of women and children and then making childbirth fatal for both the mother and infant was making things worse. In that situation, the midwife should pick her path through the bones. Those were the ones that she knew for finding her place in the treacherous new world. The pillars of the civilizations were long gone. Power there was all that remained behind and as well as the strong who possess that power.

There were a few other women like her who managed to survive. However, the count was very little. Even fewer were protected from the diverse groups of men. Those were driven by fear and they looked to get control of those who remain. She donned the clothing of men and goes by false names to preserve her freedom. She also tried to avoid as many people as she possibly could.

The book won the Philip K. Dick Award in the distinguished science fiction category. It is a good novel with a story that shouldn’t be missed at all.

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