The Boy from the Woods

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Past haunts us wherever we go and if the past is pinching then our life remains a constant hell to eternity. It seldom happens that a man escapes fully from the happenings through which he once went to. Wilde is one of those ill-fated guys who landed in the woods with no memory of whom he was and where he came from. People found him in the woods and then he was taken to the city where he restarted his life and stopped thinking about the past of which he had no trace.

But all of it was thirty years ago, now Wilde is well established in his profession and in a position to help others. A strange case appears on the scene when Naomi Pine is abducted by an unknown source. Author Harlan Coben recreates the images of the past in Wilde’s mind when he starts investigating the missing girl. Wilde is forced to go back to the place where he was first found and he is amazed when he realizes that he knew more about the place than he thought. Book is a real class like Run Away because the mystery just gives a creepy look at every step.

Hidden past and sudden changes make us remember Don’t Let Go too with scenes developing into new things altogether after every chapter. Only Steven Weber possessed the pace in the voice to keep up with the pace of the story. So Steven’s selection as a narrator was the correct thing to do. The author also mixes past and the present quite strongly and it is this mixing which keeps us guessing about the conclusion.

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