The Boy Who Knew Everything

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A strange kind of a boy befriending a strange sort of a girl started the series in the first part and now Victoria Forester takes us to the second part in style. According to prophesy there would emerge two strange kinds of the boy and a girl on the land who would help the people of the land in many ways. The evil is approaching but the boy and girl are yet to appear on the scene. Then the power couple finally emerges with their strange sort of powers. The boy can understand and foretell everything because he knows everything there is in the universe. Girl on the other hand is the free-spirited one and can fly.

The name of the boy is Conrad and the girl’s name is Piper McCloud. They have come to help things but at the same time, they know that their emergence on the land has not remained hidden from their enemy. The enemy is approaching fast and it wants to get rid of these two gifted children as soon as possible. Otherwise, they would hinder the plans which the evildoers have in their mind. Soon after getting their powers the boy and girl find themselves on a run to save their skin first before helping the other people present around.

If someone likes this one narrated by Cassandra Morris he would without any doubt love The Girl Who Could Fly. There is ample stuff in these books for the kids and the fantasy lovers even if they are mature adults. Fantasy tales always attract the mind if they are told in the proper enjoyable way.

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