The Bride Collector

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Ted- Dekker’s another crime-related novel with a murder on the loose, killing women without leaving any trace behind except a bridal veil. The novel is highly psychological as the killer is committing the murders without any personal grudge it seems that he kills women for the fun of it and nothing else or perhaps there is something in his mind that troubles him and make him commit such a devastating crime again and again.

Brad Raines the specialist in such cases is given the task but even he fails to join the pieces of the puzzle together as there is no particular pattern in the killings. When he fails he goes to Paradise a girl in the psychiatric ward who is blessed with certain powers. Paradise could tell about the last moments of a person’s life by just touching his hands. Paradise too during her childhood faced such a situation when her father killed the whole family and she luckily escaped.

There is a question about paradise as well that does she really possess these powers or this is again because of the mental illness that makes her imagine it. But this time Brad is left with no other way except to follow Paradise’s leads before the killer completes the seven murders. The narration by John Glover has successfully kept up the pace with this thriller which becomes more and more intense as it moves closer toward the end.

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The high pitch style at certain levels also successfully portrays the intensity of a particular scene especially on murder scenes when we see a woman killed and beside her lays a bridal veil. Before I Let Go – Marieke Nijkamp and Fall of Giants – Ken Follett are also among the books recommended and liked by the readers that anyone could listen to keep enjoying the thrilling characters and events.

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