The Brotherhood of the Wheel

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The brotherhood of the wheel is an ancient myth that is retold and perhaps reinvented by R.S. Belcher. The writer takes us back to the world of 1119 A.D, we once again meet the Christ soldiers and the Christians who used to protect the travelers especially pilgrims who are on a holy mission. The writer gives us an idea that the Templars are still there doing their duty which is to guard those who travel on the road to the Holy Land.

The story gives an idea that these protectors of the innocents have changed their appearances and have adapted to the changes of the modern world but they have not yet left the task that was once assigned to them. The Knights have taken the appearance of truck drivers, bus drivers, and even taxi drivers but still, they do the same job but like some undercover agents.

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They call their group the brotherhood of the wheel instead of the Templars and still protect the road. The main character Jimmy is one of these new knight groups. Jimmy takes a tough task for himself this time as he goes south for the investigation of the missing children and what is revealed to him in that is perhaps too dark and too hard to digest. Jimmy observes the horrifying kids who have turned into Black- Eyed monsters and thinks for the first time in his heart whether he has failed in his duty to save and protect the innocent.

The story’s description is wonderful especially its link with the old religious myths and the description is quite complete which means that the writer has done a lot of research work related to these characters and their job. Red Clocks – LeniZumas as well as Darkness Rising Series (1-3) – Kelley Armstrong are more interesting books for those who have loved and enjoyed this one.

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