The Brutal Telling

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A multilayered tale really spins everyone including Gamache the legendary inspector of the Three Pines. It has been for a while that the inspector has not found something interesting to do in the little town and perhaps this was the case that he wanted. It’s a stranger who is murdered and such things always make the case complicated because you are left with connections to begin with.

There are no relatives or close friends in the neighborhood to begin with. Louise Penny has added the issue of precious artifacts as well to show that it is not always the same pattern that people have observed for such a long time in the form of Still Life and A Fatal Grace. The case this time leads to the stealing or the possession of the artifacts but again this could only be a camouflage to mislead the one who never believes on what he first sees. Gamache has always had one opinion in his mind that the site that an inspector sees in the first sight is the one that is properly set up by the murderer.

The murderer wants the inspector to get a false idea of the surrounding. Olivier Bistro’s case is also one of the same category but the clues are really tough to find because there are more than one finger prints and everything appears to be misleading. Ralph Cosham goes a bit up and down at the climax this is because the story is too much twisted this time still the words are uttered clearly and neatly.

Ralph has tried to experiment a little as well like the writer which apparently does not prove to be a successful thing.




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