The Burden of Proof

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A real tense story and looks very real too but not the one you are looking for if you want fun for the night. Engaging is a small word, when Scott Turow writes something it becomes addictive and the fans just cannot leave the story incomplete.

Hero of the story or the main character is an ordinary being and he is not the one with a hot masculine figure and a gun in hand. Sandy Stern is just an ordinary defense lawyer who just spends the weekend with his family and the rest of the week it is just running after the proof for his clients.

He has been good in his job and loyal to his family but a day in March ruins everything for him. Sandy came home and found Clara dead on the floor, his wife spent thirty one years with him and all the time he thought that she was quite engaged to him.

Now the note in her hand tells an exact opposite tale, a tale that forced her to commit suicide. In a mental trauma the poor lawyer loses everything, even his children appear to be different to him because he starts looking at everything according to the last note that Clara left.

The main issue that pounds his thoughts is that why his wife kept things secret for three decades and then did such a thing in a single moment. Collecting proofs like The Last Trial and Presumed Innocent Sandy reveals things which he never thought would come true. Robert G. Slade got this first chance to narrate any part of the series and he has really availed himself of this opportunity.

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