The Buried Dagger

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James Swallow’s might creation brings the story to conclusion, the much awaited war is now on and Terra is perishing, one hero and then the other are going down. Hope is all lost and the defense has gone to the ashes. Warmaster never thought it would take him so much time but the people of Terra have really shown their muscles.

All the efforts have now become useless because failure is what the Emperor’s army was fated to face. Death Guard is sent to do the dirty work i.e destroy all the barriers in the way so that the Warmaster can enter Terra as the winning dictator.

Not even the sky is save for the locals and in all this the Death Guard proceed to the domain of the land but it faces something terrible that stops it to proceed much further. Nurgle was just a myth and now it has finally come to take the souls of the Death Guard.

Death Guard loses all its grandeur and it feels that it is caged in some sort of a nightmare. Mortarion never thought that he would be forced to make such a decision in life but for the safety of his sons he throws his arms in front of the power that has over taken his troops.

Horus however still advances further and Jonathan Keeble has really decorated his voice through the narration because he is like a new emerging king now. The Flight of The Eisenstein and Fear to Tread were not that heavy in fights but here it is the battle for survival and real cunning plots emerge on the scene that depict the skill of the author.

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