The Carnivorous Carnival

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Every part of the series has taken the story to the next level. One step ahead of the previous one, this book will bring more bloody things to the surface. The name suggests the things which are present in the story. Yes, there are blood thirsty things that are going to eat every piece of flesh on the bones and there would be nothing left except the bones in the end.

Lemony Snicket wanted to make his stories more dangerous and haunting but the author took a long way to achieve his goal. Instead of presenting all of these things in the first two chapters, the author waited a long time during which he was preparing the audience for this kind of thing in the future. It started with cold porridge and things like a bad bed to sleep on during The Bad Beginning, A Multi-Voice Recording.

After that, it was a touch hostile life that the three orphans had to bear. The Vile Village introduced us to a terrible landscape in which danger was waiting at every corner. There was no place to run and the three kids were not planning to run rather they came well prepared for all of those threats. The visit to the deadly hospital was their last stop after which they landed in this new mess.

Tim Curry is like the official narrator for the series now because he has narrated all the parts except a few which the author narrated on his own. The feeling of freedom could be found in the book, the freedom which the children achieve comes with a heavy price no doubt.

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    The Hostile Hospital

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